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The Pitmaster's Podcast

Mar 30, 2023

We chat with Ken Perkins, who just won the SCA world championship.  We talk with him about the moment his number was called, and about his process living in the cold north, we even learn what rubs he used on his $10,000 steak.  

Mar 9, 2023

Tim Sheer owns Gateway Drum Smokers, Blues Hog BBQ, Marble Ridge, and the head cook of the famed Shake and Bake BBQ team.  We chat with Tim about all his ventures and get some tips on how to start and run your Gateway drum properly.  We talk about the impact of Drums in the bbq world and much more. 

Mar 2, 2023

Lady Jaye is not your average "BBQ" place.  They use high-quality meat with downhome recipes with a fine dining flair.  It is hard to define, to say the least.  We talk about cuts of meat and how to cook some fancy meat that most of us don't think about.  Seriously when you eat here let us know what you...