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The Pitmaster's Podcast

Sep 21, 2023

Ben Holder stops by to chat about BBQ and steak cooking.  Ben has proven to be an amazing food competitor and an over all cool dude.  

Aug 24, 2023

Kyle Halvorson of Thermoworks stops by to chat about putting on an SCA event and talks about sponsorship.  If you are interested in getting sponsored this is the episode fo you.   

Aug 17, 2023

Kate is a health conscience Pitmaster.  She recently showed off her skills on BBQ Brawl in Food Network.  However, most impressive is she is the pwner/pitmaster of HI-BBQ a very success BBQ joint in Hawaii, Voted Hawaii's best bbq by Eater and is a KCBS BBQ judge.  

Jul 27, 2023

Shawn Rapier recently teamed up with Alacruz Argentine Grills, and fell in love with them.  We had to have him on and tell us all about it.  This is definatly a grill you should look into, especially if you're looking for a back-to-primal cooker.  Check them out at

Jul 20, 2023

Chad and his Dad run probably the best SCA contest in Utah.  Situated in central UT, this quad is the biggest comp in Utah and the way it is going probably the west.  Chad talks about the contest from his perspective and what he hopes the future will be and he has BIG plans.